Aimpoint Express

AimPoint takes the guess-work out of putting.

Aim - Read- Speed

Mark Bentley is a Certified AimPoint Level 2 Instructor and one of only 4 Professionals in England to achieve this status. Mark is the only Level 2 Instructor and highest qualified Aimpoint Certified Coach in the North of England. This revolutionary approach to green-reading helps players improve their putting by understanding how to judge slope and the effect it will have on the ball as it rolls across the green. With the proper instruction, the AimPoint technique can help players read greens with greater accuracy and at a level of proficiency that many golfers have never mastered. You’ll learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt.

AimPoint Green Reading is more than just the World’s #1 Green Reading system – it’s a putting solution that integrates Read, Speed, and Aim. Tour players, amateurs, and juniors in over 40 countries and on every major tour have turned to AimPoint as the way to lower scores. Don’t let putting be a mystery anymore, understand break, speed, and aim quickly and learn what it feels like to have complete confidence over any putt. It is used by professional players on every Tour throughout the world and is winning major championships. Justin Rose, Adam Scott, Ian Poulter, Stacey Lewis, Lydia Ko and Christina Kim are just some Tour players that use Aimpoint on a regular basis.

The Aimpoint technique improves your aim by helping you predict the amount of break on any puttee to the slope of the green and the golf ball’s relationship to it.

Those who practice Aimpoint learn to read greens more by feel and balance using their feet, and less by visual cues. With practice, you’ll be able to determine the slope percentage for a more accurate read and begin to start holing more putts.

Aimpoint Prices

Aim - Read

1:2:1 Aimpoint Express 2 hour lesson – by appointment at Forest Pines £139.00

During the lesson, you will learn how to accurately read every type of putt including how to:

  • Identify slope
  • Read single-plane putts of any length
  • Read multiple-plane putts of any length
  • Estimate green speed
  • Determine AimPoints
  • Determine break direction
  • Identify capture speed for better putt control
  • Determine the best approach shot strategies


Aimpoint1:2:1 Aimpoint Speed 1 hour lesson – by appointment at Forest Pines £65.00

The AimPoint Speed Class is new and will teach you how to understand changing speed conditions, uphill and downhill adjustments, and how to train yourself. This class will dramatically improve your overall putting performance.

Group lessons are also organised throughout the year and held at Forest Pines, please visit to view the clinics and book your place.