BLAST - How it works

Timing is Everything

Blast Golf Package

Putting Metrics measured by Blast:

  • Back Stroke Time
  • Forward Stroke Time
  • Total Stroke Time
  • Tempo
  • Loft Angle
  • Lie Angle
  • Back Stroke Rotation
  • Forward Stroke Rotation
  • Rotation Change
  • Back Stroke Length
  • Impact Stroke Speed
Improve Your Timing and Eliminate 3-Putts

Introducing Blast - The #1 Sensor in Golf

By focussing on timing, tempo and stroke speed, Blast provides the insights necessary to improve your game.


BLAST - Why it works

Real Time Feedback & Accuracy

  • Blast delivers professional grade data accuracy and real time feedback
  • Blast uses Smart Video Capture TM & adaptive Slo-mo technology to detect actions and edit video
  • Blast measures the details the eye can miss
  • Blast sensors are always ready to capture your stroke or swing
  • Blasts natural motion calibration allows you to focus on your game, not the technology

Blast Golf Ambassadors

Brad Faxon

Jeff Sluman

Online Coaching

Professional Coaching Specific To You, Wherever You Are

BLAST Connect links me to my clients through a secure cloud based online coaching system and provides:

  • Mobile data – access to your BLAST putting stats and videos wherever you are
  • Performance Tracking (on-course or practice data)
  • Detailed statistics
  • Video storage & analysis tools – great for online lessons
  • Online lesson portal

BLAST Connect joins the dots between face to face lessons, speeds up your improvement and adds consistency to your putting game.

With Blast Connect, you receive accurate, professional advice and drills and advice tailored to you.

Purchase a Blast Sensor at £189.95 and subscribe to Blast Connect to join the MB Online Academy for £50/year.

Arrange your online lesson as and when needed – £30 for 30 minutes.

Blast Golf Sensor

Blast Connect Golf Metrics