BLAST - How it works

Timing is Everything

Blast Golf Package

Putting Metrics measured by Blast:

  • Back Stroke Time
  • Forward Stroke Time
  • Total Stroke Time
  • Tempo
  • Loft Angle
  • Lie Angle
  • Back Stroke Rotation
  • Forward Stroke Rotation
  • Rotation Change
  • Back Stroke Length
  • Impact Stroke Speed
Improve Your Timing and Eliminate 3-Putts

Introducing Blast - The #1 Sensor in Golf

By focussing on timing, tempo and stroke speed, Blast provides the insights necessary to improve your game.


BLAST - Why it works

Real Time Feedback & Accuracy

  • Blast delivers professional grade data accuracy and real time feedback
  • Blast uses Smart Video Capture TM & adaptive Slo-mo technology to detect actions and edit video
  • Blast measures the details the eye can miss
  • Blast sensors are always ready to capture your stroke or swing
  • Blasts natural motion calibration allows you to focus on your game, not the technology

Blast Golf Ambassadors

Brad Faxon

Jeff Sluman