Expert Putting Coaching and Putter Fitting by Mark Bentley

I am proud to be the UK’s leading Approved SIK Putting Scientist. SIK Golf (which stands for Study In Kinematics) are based in Florida, United States of America.

SIK Golf has patented DLT – Descending Loft Technology. This is an absolute revolution in putter face technology. The Descending Loft Technology is not only unique but makes a whole lot of sense in simple terms. Each face has four flat surfaces that are milled into the putter face and each plane descends in loft by 1º from the top edge of the putter to the bottom of the face. No golfer can match the shaft angle from address position to impact at a consistent rate, leading to inconsistent launch angles, which leads to poor distance control. DLT gives the player the opportunity for a 100% consistent launch angle regardless of shaft lean at impact.


Increasingly popular on the PGA Tour, the Sik armlock putter range simplifies the putting stroke for improved face control which means more holed putts.
Armlocks are available in lengths 38″ to 43.5″ & designed with the most upright lie angle allowed in golf to help create a repeatable putting stroke. Available in a variety of head shapes, lofts and alignment options I will establish the correct lie specification to suit you.


With the JMX/SIK grip positioned correctly and parallel to the putter face for maximum contact points, this fitting will ensure a stable and square setup from address through impact.

Advanced Putter Fitting Experience (up to 1.5 hours) – £95

A Tour Player level Putter Custom Fitting at MB Golf Studio. The fitting will establish the ideal length, lie angle, head shape, hosel shape balance point and grip type suitable to you, your stroke and aiming tendencies. Putter and ball performance will then be measured on Quintic to get the facts and evidence you need to know the putter you buy is the correct specification for you.

This is the ultimate Putter Fitting Service. The same level of fitting a Tour Player undertakes – if you want the very best, this is for you.

Putter Fitting & Lesson Combination (2 hours) – £120

In some cases technique needs to be addressed to achieve the best possible outcome when fitting a putter. This option is for any player who feels they would benefit from advice to improve their set-up and stroke in addition to a fitting.

If you purchase a putter or place an order on the day, I will refund £25 of the Fitting Fee against the cost of your order.

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