Expert Putting Coaching and Putter Fitting by Mark Bentley
My coaching style has evolved over the years as my quest for knowledge has provided me with information to truly understand putting and what is actually required to improve a player’s putting performance.

I have carried out thousands of hours of research into 4 key areas, all of which link together to create the best version of you as a player:

Putting Technique
AimPoint Express Green Reading
Putter Fitting
On-Course Performance

Putting Technique – covering keys aspects of putting including aim, posture, structure, stability, timing, stroke characteristics, start line and distance control. 2 or 3 hour lesson appointments are available in the Studio or on the green at Forest Pines. If you wish, you can combine a lesson at Forest Pines with an overnight stay and a round of golf at preferential rates. Please let me know if this is something I can arrange for you.

Unless learning AimPoint, I recommend your first appointment should be at the Studio where using Quintic – the “Gold Standard” of putting technology we can capture data specific to you, your stroke and putter/ball roll performance. Based on what we find we can then develop an appropriate coaching plan, corrective drills and improvements.

For further information on the technology used please visit:

The Studio includes a 5m x 2m green with a 2% built in slope, where we can check and measure your tendencies on both straight and breaking putts. Two speeds of green are available – tour speed at 12.5 stimp and standard at 10.5 stimp. Depending on your needs, skill level and preferences you can replicate real course conditions appropriate to the greens you play on.
Follow up lessons can be held either in the Studio or on the Putting Green at Forest Pines.
Outdoor coaching on the green at Forest Pines GC allows me to carry out a full assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses incl. green reading, start line, distance control & touch. Exercises and drills can then be created for you as appropriate.

2 hour Putting Foundation Lesson - £120

Perfect for players who are new to the game. Learn the key fundamentals of putting including how to grip the putter, address the ball, with the ball in the correct position, how the mechanics of the putting stroke actually work, how to build a stable structure and align your putter to the target.

Distance Control Lesson - £95

Distance control is the most vital aspect of putting without which you will always struggle to avoid 3 putting.
A 90 minute lesson at Forest Pines, during which you will learn how to control the relationship between backstroke length, timing and your optimum tempo to have a proven method to vary your speed control on the greens.

2 hour Player Lesson incl. Putting Stroke and Ball Roll Analysis - £120

A lesson using Quintic in the Studio and focussing on improving Aim, Alignment and Start Line Control incl. advice on Address & Set up incl. advice to improve & drills to take away.

2 hour Scored Putting Assessment - £130

Taking place on the green at Forest Pines to establish strengths and weaknesses. Areas covered include:

Start line / face control on short and long straight putts
Start line / face control on breaking putts
Green reading and line perception on short and medium length putts
Start line control on putts you have read
Lag putting from distance
Conversion rates and drills to improve

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