Putting Lessons & Fittings

Mark's Philosophy

My teaching style has evolved over the years as my quest for knowledge has provided me with information to truly understand putting and what is actually required to improve a players putting performance..

I have carried out hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of research into 4 key coaching areas, all of which link together to create you as an individual player:

  • Putting Technique – covering every aspect of putting including posture, structure, stability, timing, stroke characteristics, face and speed control.
  • Green Reading – as an Aimpoint Certified Instructor I coach players how to use the Worlds #1 system to accurately read every putt you’ll be faced with on the course
  • Putter Fitting
    Evnroll are widely regarded as one of the most advanced and desirable putters in Golf. 100% forged and made in USA, the new range of Evnroll Putters deliver unprecedented accuracy… Virtually the same distance to virtually the same spot from centre and off-centre hits. With a range of designs and specifications to suit everybody, you are sure to improve your on-green performance.
    Edel Torque Balanced Putters are individually made to order. The Edel fitting process covers every aspect of putting from aim and alignment through to speed and distance control. Putters can be personalised with your initials and choice of colours. Delivery is direct from USA in around 4 weeks from the date of order.
  • Consistency – as a Certified Master Mind Factor Coach I will teach you how to bring a level of consistency to your performance and teach you how to think like a Tour player.

State of the art equipment

Studio lessons utilise state of the art equipment that accurately measure the ball roll, putter performance and the players stroke. This level of technology allows me to base any recommendations for improvement on facts. The putter is the most used club in the bag and is too important to leave to guesswork.

Learned from the Best

My teaching philosophy is based around the knowledge I have acquired from knowing and working with some of the World’s most gifted coaches.

Paul Hurrion a biomechanics consultant and renowned coach to players such as Danny Willett, Rory McIlroy and Padraig Harrington is the force behind Quintic, a high speed camera and software system that tracks the putter and the ball at impact. The data analysis produced by Quintic is trusted by all major manufacturers and dozens of Tour players throughout the World.


Jamie Donaldson is Europe’s Senior Aimpoint Instructor. His green reading skills are known throughout the World. Aimpoint is used by players such as Justin Rose, Adam Scott and Lydia Ko and Ian Poulter.

Aimpoint Express

Karl Morris is one of Europe’s leading Performance Coaches who has worked with 6 Major winners and numerous Tour players as well as amateurs, Walker Cup and Curtis Cup players. Creator of the Mind Factor programme which educates players to develop the right mind-set to improve their on-course performance.

The Mind Factor

My Education

PGA Professional

  • PGA Professional (Class AA)
  • Aimpoint Certified Level 2 Instructor (one of 3 in UK)
  • Quintic Certified Level 2 Coach
  • BLAST Golf Certified Coach
  • Master Mind Factor Coach
  • Eyeline Golf Certified Putting Coach
  • Frankly Institute of Putting Certified Coach

Coaching Prices

£95.00 Studio Appointment

2 hours – ideal to accurately record and analyse the various aspects of your technique, putting stroke and ball-roll performance using Quintic as well as your timing and tempo with Blast Motion Sensors. You will be given the knowledge you need and the drills necessary to improve your putting. Lesson notes and appropriate videos included.

£65.00 Studio Appointment

1 hour – ideal follow up lesson to check progress and make further recommendations.

Forest Pines Green Putting Lessons£95.00 Forest Pines Putting Green Appointment

2 hours – ideal to improve these 3 key areas:

  • Pre-putt routine
  • Distance Control
  • Start line Control

£45.00 Tour Standard Putter Fitting

1 hour in the Studio – Using the full power of Quintic to ensure your putter specification is optimised to get the best results on the greens. Advice on the ideal length, lie angle, loft, weight, grip and alignment profile for either an EvnRoll or Edel putter (to be purchased separately).

£225.00 Half Day Studio Session

(Approximately 4 hours) – ideal for an in-depth analysis of your putting stroke using Quintic Ball-Roll and Quintic Coaching Motion Analysis software.

Areas covered include: Putter path, face angle, face to path, ball spin, launch angle, putter speed, ball speed, stroke consistency, shaft angle, acceleration profile, ball skid, strike pattern and ball roll performance.

Player set up including: posture, eye line, stance width, ball position, stability, stroke length, grip.

Professional Putter Fitting (if required) including: length, lie, loft, weight, balance, aim and alignment profiling and optimised ball roll performance. All appropriate lesson notes and videos included.

£425.00 Full Day Session

(Approximately 7 hours) – Half Day Studio Session above plus on-course work at Forest Pines to include (where applicable) development of an effective pre-putt routine, stroke timing analysis using Blast Motion Sensor Technology, distance control lesson or Aimpoint Express Green Reading Lesson. All appropriate lesson notes and videos included.